Terms of use

Terms of use for the www.amerov.org
Art. 1. (1) These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relations between c Ltd,
UIC (hereinafter referred to as "Hyper Group") and the Visitors of the Web site:
https://www.amerov.org (hereinafter referred to as " The "Site").

(2) By accessing and loading the Site, Visitors agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and
any subsequent changes to them, and undertake to abide by them.

Site title details
Art. 2. (1) Information about Hyper Group:

Name: "Hyper Group" ltd
UIC: 175456435
Headquarters and address of management: Varna, 23 Mayor Mincho Dimitriev str.
Correspondence data: Varna, 23 Mayor Mincho Dimitriev str. e-mail: info[at]amerov.org

(2) Commission for Personal Data Protection

Address: Sofia 1592, "Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov
tel .: 02/915 35 18, 02/915 35 15, 02/915 35 19
fax: 02/915 35 25
е-mail: kzld@cpdp.bg
Website: www.cpdp.bg

Art. 3. Hyper Group's site provides Visitors with information on Hyper Group's activities, services and prices as well as access to published news and materials.

Intelectual property
Art. 4. (1) All publications on the Site are exclusive intellectual property of Hyper Group and are subject to copyright protection under the Copyright and Related Rights Act and may not be used in any way without the prior written consent of Hyper Group.

(2) The images on Hyper Group's Site and other visual elements representing Hyper Group's intellectual property may not be used and reproduced in any way by third parties without the prior written consent of Hyper Group.

(3) Any unauthorized use of the materials posted on the Site without the permission of Hyper Group constitutes an offense for which the offender bears civil, administrative and criminal liability in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation in force.

Art. 5. (1) Hyper Group does not allow the use in any way of the content of the Site by visualizing all or some of the materials posted therein on another site. (2) Referral to material on the Site from other sites is permissible if it is done in accordance with good morals and commercial practice, and if reference is not made to Hyper Group's material on the materials so that Visitors are not misleading.

Protection of personal data.
Art. 6. (1) Hyper Group undertakes measures for the protection of Visitor's personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Policy and the Privacy Policy announced on its website on the Internet.

(2) Hyper Group does not send identifying information to third parties and does not require registration for use of the Site by the Visitors.

(3) When providing personal data through the Site, Visitors agree to receive a newsletter sent by Hyper Group to their email address for correspondence.

(4) As from 28.05.2018, which is the starting date of application of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the the free movement of such data and the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC (General Regulation on the protection of personal data), consent to the processing of personal data is taken by the Visitor explicitly, in writing and on a case-by-case basis.

Amendement to the general conditions
Art. 7. (1) These Terms and Conditions may be amended by Hyper Group at any time, and Hyper Group shall promptly publish the amended Terms and Conditions together with a notice to the Visitors of the changes made.

(2) The amendments to these General Terms and Conditions have effect for all Visitors of the Site since they were announced by Hyper Group.

Limitation of liability Art. 8. (1) Hyper Group provides access to the content of the Site as it does and does not guarantee that the guidelines in the materials on the Site lead to the results of the Visitors.

(2) Hyper Group shall not be held liable for damages and lost profits of the Visitors caused by the materials contained in the materials published on the Site.

(3) Hyper Group shall not be held liable for damages caused by Visitors to third parties due to the use of the Site and the materials contained therein.

Other provisions
Art. 9. Site visitors are required to comply with ethical standards and not to violate Hyper Group's reputation when using the Site and the materials contained therein.

Art. 10. For the issues not settled in these general conditions, related to the implementation and interpretation of this contract, the provisions of the effective legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria shall apply.

Art. 11. These General Terms and Conditions will enter into force for all Visitors of the Site as of 01.01.2021.

General provisions
Art. 12.This document contains General Terms and Conditions, according to which the Merchant "Hyper Group" Ltd. provides services to its users / customers through the online store www.amerov.org. These conditions are binding on all users.

Art. 13. Hyper Group Ltd. a company registered under the Commercial Law of the Republic of Bulgaria, with registered office and address of management: Varna, Varna District, Varna Municipality UIC: 175456435, which creates and maintains the e-shop, offers and sells goods in the store and determines these General Terms and Conditions under which the products are sold. “Hyper Group” Ltd. has the full rights to unilaterally change the content of the Internet site, as well as the ways of access to it.

Art. 14. By clicking on an object, image, link (other than the General Terms and Conditions) or a button located on www.amerov.org, it is considered that you accept and agree with the General Terms and Conditions described below. These General Terms and Conditions comply with the requirements of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), as well as with other regulations in force in the Republic of Bulgaria.

"Seller" is the website www.amerov.org, which is owned by "Hyper Group" Ltd. and serves as a virtual platform for the sale of products. The Seller is the person with whom the “User” concludes a contract for distance selling of a specific product (item) in the e-shop.

"User" is an able-bodied person who has agreed to these General Terms and Conditions in connection with the ordering and purchase of products offered in the e-shop.

"E-shop" is the website www.amerov.org, which serves as a virtual platform for offering products for sale and for reaching an agreement between "Seller" and "User" for ordering and buying and selling a specific product (item).

"Order" is the request made by "User" to the e-shop for the purchase of one or more specific products (items). The order is packaged and sent by courier to the address previously specified in the order by the User, after it is approved by email or phone. Email approval is done by sending an email (confirmation email). Approval by phone is made after a call from an employee of the online store for confirmation.

"Sales contract" is the contract concluded at a distance through this e-shop for the purchase and sale of products between "Seller" and "Consumer".

"Courier" is a trader who physically delivers the purchased goods to the address specified by the “User” and works under the requirements of the Postal Services Act.

"Brochure / Notice" are electronic information messages relating to products sold in the e-shop during a certain period of time, which may be posted on the Website or may be sent by e-mail to the “User”.

Art. 15. (1) In order to receive the right to make valid orders for the purchase of the products offered at www.amerov.org, it is not necessary to register first. You can shop with the same security without registering.

(2) In both cases you must enter the address that will be used for delivery, your name and surname, e-mail, contact phone (s). Upon registration, a password is automatically created, which you receive by e-mail and can change afterwards.

(3) After successfully registering, for each individual order, you have the opportunity to adjust your contact phone number and delivery address, as well as to appoint your representative to accept the order. By ticking the box I agree with the "Terms of Use" the client makes an electronic statement within the meaning of the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act, declaring that he is familiar with these "Terms of Use" and accepts them.

Art. 16. (1) Orders are accepted from the site 24 hours a day, incl. on weekends and public holidays. When finalizing your order, you have the opportunity to see the products you buy and their prices, your names, e-mail, phone, address, method of delivery and method of payment. After finalizing the order, you will receive a confirmation with the same information on the e-mail specified by you. For each stage of order processing (confirmation of availability, shipping, etc.) you will be notified by e-mail or phone. You can also monitor the status of the current as well as previous orders from your account.

(2) The expression of interest - "order" for a particular product is done by pressing the "Order" button after selecting the selected quantity.

(3) When ordering, the customer must indicate the name, exact address and telephone number, company details (in case an invoice is issued).

(4) The Merchant has the right to refuse to enter into a contract with an incorrect User.
(5) The Merchant has the right to treat the User as incorrect in cases where:

◥ (5.1) there is non-compliance by the User with the General Terms and Conditions;
◥ (5.2) an incorrect, arrogant or rude attitude towards the representatives of the Merchant has been established;
◥ (5.3) systematic abuses by the User towards the Merchant have been established.

Price of the order
Art. 17. The prices in the online store www.amerov.org are for 1 piece. The final price of the order is calculated as the sum of the prices of the ordered products. All prices include VAT and are not subject to change from the time of ordering to the time of payment. The price of delivery with courier company "Econt" or "Speedy" is added to the price of the order.

Art. 18. Payments are made by postal money order or payment by bank transfer.
The difference between postal money order and cash on delivery is only in the documentation.
In case of payments by customers of the store, which will be made by postal money order made by a licensed postal operator for postal money orders within the meaning of the Postal Services Act, the trader has no obligation to issue fiscal receipts under the procedure specified in Ordinance No. -18/2006 of the Ministry of Finance.
For the payment made by the client, the postal operator (the courier company) issues a Receipt for postal transfer of the value of the due amount. This receipt is a legally recognized document releasing the trader from the obligation to issue fiscal cash receipts.

◥ For reference:
Art. 3, para. 1; Art. 25, para. 1 of Ordinance № Н-18/2006.

Terms of Delivery
Art. 19. (1) By sending an order confirmation, the user agrees to pay the price of the selected products and the specified value of transport costs.

(2) The delivery of the products from "Hyper Group" Ltd. to the consumers is done by courier, and the delivery costs are paid by the consumer at the time of delivery.

(3) When choosing "cash on delivery", the consumer is obliged to pay for the goods upon receipt by the bearer of the goods together with the transport costs of delivery.

(4) The ordered goods are delivered properly packaged according to its type and the used transport for delivery.

(5) Transport costs, unless otherwise stated, are paid by the customer upon receipt of delivery, together with the price of the goods.

(6) When choosing a method of payment "Bank Transfer", the bank details required for payment are indicated in the e-mail that the user receives to confirm the request. Delivery is made upon receipt of the bank transfer. In this case, upon delivery, the consumer owes only the payment of any transport costs.

(7) The price of the transport costs for the delivery is indicated by "Hyper Group" Ltd. at the time of ordering the goods.

(8) In case of non-fulfillment by the user of his delivery obligations, the team of "Hyper Group" Ltd. has the right to deny him further access to part or all of the services.

(9) Specifying incomplete or incorrect data makes the order invalid.

Problems with the execution of the order
Art. 20. The execution of your order may be hindered for any of the following reasons:

(1) One or all of the ordered goods are not available; in this case we will contact you as soon as possible.

(2) The user has specified an incorrect or incomplete delivery address.

(3) Lack of telephone contact with the user.

In the event of problems with delivery due to our fault, all additional costs are at our expense. In all other cases, the subsequent sending of the shipment will be at your expense.

Refusal to receive the ordered and delivered goods
Art. 21.The consumer has the right to return the purchased products within 14 working days from the date of purchase. For this purpose, the subject of the transaction must be in its original packaging, without traces of use or violation of the commercial appearance of the products, accompanied by the original invoice or an order with which you received the products. The cost of returning the product is at the expense of the consumer.

Art. 22. The user who ordered goods through amerov.org and received the same by courier or other mode of transport, has the right to refuse to receive the order, or part of it after it has been delivered, only in one of the following cases:
◥ the products or their packaging are damaged during transportation;
◥ the delivered products obviously do not correspond to the ones ordered by the customer;
◥ the price does not correspond to the one initially offered;
◥ Complaints at the above points are made only at the time of delivery.

Disputes and complaints
Art. 23. In situations that arise in connection with unresolved issues, the client has the right to address the disputed issues to our associate at the specified contacts.

In case of disputes regarding obligations arising from contracts for online sales, in which no agreement has been reached, you may refer the dispute to the bodies for alternative dispute resolution (ADR) under the terms and conditions of Article 181a et seq. Of the CPA. Additional information on alternative consumer dispute resolution can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection Commission at https://kzp.bg and on the online dispute resolution platform ODR.

The Supervisory Body for Consumer Protection in Bulgaria is the Consumer Protection Commission with address: 1000 Sofia, 4A Slaveykov Square, 3rd, 4th and 6th floors; tel .: (02) 980 25 24; fax: (02) 988 42 18; hotline: 0700 111 22; website: www.kzp.bg.

Product warranty
Art. 24. All products with the brand "Amerov Oils" have a 100% guaranteed origin and quality!

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